Defence research hub hires apprentices for important security work

New data analysts won’t require university degrees or specific grades. 

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Reading has started a new apprenticeship programme at its Data Skills Academy.  

The programme is set to teach apprentices important skills in managing and analysing data over 15 months.  

AWE develops and maintains the warheads for the UK’s nuclear weapons. The business also plays a role in national counter-terrorism and nuclear threat prevention. 

 The training will be handled by Multiverse, a tech company known for creating over 15,000 apprenticeships in both the UK and the US. They are recognised for their fresh and effective approach to training that prepares apprentices for real-world challenges. Candidates need to go directly to the Multiverse website to apply. 

Interestingly, this apprenticeship programme doesn’t require specific grades or a university degree. AWE wants to attract people from different backgrounds to ensure a diverse workforce. 

The apprentices will learn about data science, including how to programme in Python and basics of machine learning; these digital skills are highly sought after in many industries. 

AWE is not new to apprenticeships: it already offers numerous opportunities in other areas, including engineering and project management. 

Mandy Savage, AWE’s executive director of engineering, said, “We always strive to be an exceptional employer, and as part of that we want to ensure we’re reaching people from all backgrounds, and giving them access to world-class training and an impactful career.” 

In a video made by AWE, an apprentice says, “We make a product that no one else can make, at the forefront of technology and nuclear defence. 

“You contribute to the safety of the nation. Starting this apprenticeship is by far the best thing I’ve ever done,” he adds. 

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