Direct Seafoods offering support for fishmongers with apprenticeship scheme

Looking to begin or strengthen a career as a fishmonger? This apprenticeship scheme could be of use to you.  

Direct Seafoods is offering up support and further skill development for its new and more experienced fishmongers with an apprenticeship scheme.  

Developed with Crosby Butchery Training, the bespoke fishmonger apprenticeship aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of wholesale fishmongers.  

It has so far taken on five apprentices in North Shields, Colchester and Fleetwood.  

The course will take between 18 and 24 months to complete and covers modules in key areas involved in wholesale fishmonger operations, including food safety, picking and packing, and knife skills.  

Each module, tailored to the apprentice’s level of ability, contributes to the qualification of a level two fishmonger diploma upon completion of an assessment. Support is also available for candidates who have yet to achieve levels 1 and 2 in maths and English.  

One apprentice, Lindsay Bennett, who is undertaking her apprenticeship at the North Shields site, said the training has been beneficial.  

She said: “The training we have received so far has been extremely beneficial. Having a trainer go through the course in person rather than online has made it much easier to take things in and has improved my confidence enormously.  

“The course is also allowing me to obtain my Maths and English L1 qualifications which, along with the skills I’m acquiring, will be valuable throughout my career.  

“This scheme makes me excited about the future, and I hope that soon I will be teaching the next wave of apprentices!” 

For further information on the apprenticeship, visit Crosby Training’s L2 apprentice fishmonger page. 

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