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Early career opportunities at the BBC

The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster. For the last 100 years we have been making distinctive, first-class and ground-breaking content. We’re passionate about making sure that new talent and new voices play a central part in the BBC of the future and we’re committed to supporting skills development and helping potential to flourish.

The BBC “informs, educates and entertains” millions of people every day in the UK, and globally, on television, national and local radio networks and on our ever-expanding digital platforms. 

But, to create what you see on TV, hear on the radio or connect with online, takes the combined efforts of people with skills and experience across many more subject areas than you probably imagine.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a career in the media, but weren’t quite sure if it was for you, or where you could best put your skills and passion into action….


….if the chance of bringing to light the untold issues and stories that affect you and your community tempts you to join us, then apply for one of our journalism apprenticeships.

….if you’re someone bursting with ground-breaking new ideas that you just can’t wait to see turned into a piece of TV, radio or digital content­—or you’re interested in figuring out different ways to connect with hard-to-reach communities, then our production apprenticeship could be for you.

…maybe you’re someone who loves planning and you can’t wait to get stuck into preparing schedules, organising kit and crews, and working out how to bring stories to life. If that sounds like you, then you’ll probably be great for one of our production management apprenticeships.

Of course, you might be someone excited by new technologies and new audio and visual ways of reaching audiences, or perhaps you love working with cameras or sound. You’re just the person, then, that we want on one of our technology or engineering apprenticeships.

It may be that none of the above appeal to you. You’re someone with a head for business, or someone who’s intrigued by data and turning information into insight, or someone who wants to develop their business understanding and knowledge of legislation and policies. Well, we have apprenticeship opportunities right across the board in our business, HR, finance and legal teams.

If working in any one of those fields, in an exciting media environment, sounds like somewhere you’d like to build your future career, then check us out!     

There are apprentice opportunities right across the BBC and right across the UK. Our apprenticeships range from Level 3 through to Level 7 and many of them lead to continuing roles in the organisation.

Whatever it is that gives you a buzz about a career in broadcasting, there’s sure to be a place for you at the BBC

Developing industry skills and real life industry experience is the foundation of our apprenticeship offer. People are our greatest asset. Reflecting and representing the diverse communities of the UK’s nations and regions, through the people that work here, is at the very heart of everything we do.

You think the BBC isn’t for you? Please give us a chance to change your mind!

In the meantime, don’t take our word for it–here’s how some of our current apprentices feel….

“I have had an amazing time working at the Natural History Unit on the Kingdom production. I got to go to Zambia for one week to gain experience in how the logistics of a shoot works. When we arrived at the dirt landing strip, we were greeted by our transfer who drove us to camp. On the way, I had a grin on my face which just wouldn’t budge, I was so happy to be there and had to keep pinching myself, so I knew it was actually happening. What amazed me the most was a constant buzz of wild sounds coming from every direction. It was a life-changing experience which I am extremely grateful for. Seeing the incredibly talented team I’m working with come together to film these beautiful animals was a dream come true.”

George Bloomfield

Production management fast track apprentice, Natural History Unit, BBC Studios, Bristol 


“One of the many great things about being on a placement in the BBC Children in Need team was the opportunity to be a production runner on the Appeal Night on TV, which was broadcast live from Media City UK in Salford. The chance to be involved was an unbelievable experience and one that I’ll definitely never forget. Walking past stars in the corridors was a surreal experience.

“Amongst all of the buzz and unpredictability that comes hand in hand with being behind the scenes on a live production, there were sometimes rare moments of quiet, where the runners had the chance to stand nearby the crew and were able to watch the live show and appreciate the incredible talent of those performing. The whole day was such an incredible insight into the effort and hard work from so many people that goes into producing a live show on the BBC.”

Harry Donovan

Project management degree apprentice


“The BBC is a globally recognised organisation made up of some of the most talented people within their fields of work. This has enabled me to learn, develop and collaborate with the industry’s best and gain the vital experience that is needed for a successful career. What is great about working at the BBC is that you are able to shape your own future as the door is always open to explore my areas of interest. This has allowed me to contribute work to projects in a range of different areas including radio, sport and sustainability.

“My team works in collaboration with multiple different teams to ensure sports events are successfully broadcasted. The three essential skills required for my role are communication, time management and decision-making. 

“An inclusive culture is created and maintained through various means, ranging from the way teams work on the ground to the many internal staff communities and initiatives. I’m a member of ‘RAISED’ whose goal is to increase the representation of people from socio-economically diverse backgrounds in the content we produce and in our workforce. It has enabled me to meet people outside of my department and connect with people who share similar interests. There is definitely something for everyone!

“The chartered management degree apprentice has been a great way to begin my career. I get to study and work at the same time, which is extremely valuable. The knowledge I acquire through my degree course directly relates to my work. Although it is a challenging course at the end of it I will have a degree in business management, three years of high-quality experience… And no student debt!

Danny Madrick

Chartered management degree apprentice, Salford. Danny joined the BBC in 2020, at the height of the pandemic


In May 2022, journalism apprentices visited the press pen outside No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence and the office of the Prime Minister. They’d recently studied a module on Public Affairs and the trip was designed to help bring learning to life. Here’s what Chloe said about her experience:

“It was an incredible experience to be on the other side of the gates at Downing Street. We were able to meet and network with other journalists who were on location. We also had the opportunity to chat with crew members and learn about the technical aspects of live broadcasting, which was very interesting and informative. A highlight of the trip was seeing Larry the catthankfully we didn’t witness him attacking any pigeons!”

Chloe Harcombe

Journalism apprentice, BBC West, Bristol


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