BBC: Eloise Longden and Bonnie Grieve

‘I really enjoyed seeing all my work with marketing come to life’

Eloise Longden and Bonnie Grieve are in the final year of their chartered management apprenticeship at the BBC

In the Spring of 2022 Eloise and Bonnie joined the Radio 1 Big Weekend team in Coventry.

This is what Bonnie had to say about the experience, “I really enjoyed seeing all my work with marketing come to life through the photo ops, posters and even Snapchat filters. Over the weekend I also managed a stunt with an Ed Sheeran ‘look-a-like’ at Coventry station, which I filmed for a TikTok and that now has almost 70K views. I had the best weekend and it was amazing to see all the work that goes into a large scale event, from production, marketing, artist liaison, etc.”

Bonnie was also given a chance at the event to share her love of being an apprentice at the BBC. “I was invited by Radio 1 to be part of a panel called ‘How to Steal my Job’. This panel was to offer advice to local young individuals aged 18 and over about how to enter the radio industry and the BBC in general. I answered questions and gave my advice to around 100 individuals, focusing on the effectiveness of apprenticeships. I really enjoyed being part of a trusting, open and approachable environment on the day.”

The feedback from Radio 1 was that: “Working with Bonnie was a pleasure. She was keen to be involved to

speak to young people and encourage them to work in radio. Bonnie also informed them of other jobs in radio, such as marketing and live events and not just production roles, which was very insightful. Bonnie was a great communicator over several mediums. She inspired people when talking to them and gave sound, trustworthy advice and her honest opinion.”

Eloise Longden said about Big Weekend Coventry 2022: “Being given the opportunity to work on the press team for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Coventry was definitely a highlight of my apprenticeship and time at the BBC. Watching how the press and publicity is run at a live event was invaluable experience. From chaperoning influencers and guests through the festival, to watching interviews from the artists with the press and watching the headliner acts on the main stage, the weekend was definitely BIG and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!”


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