Croydon College: Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong, age 21, chose a level 2 apprenticeship in business and administration with Croydon College, and was based at Croydon Hospital University

Dan started his level 2 apprenticeship in business and administration in 2014 after pursuing previous careers in retail and construction. He was advised to follow an apprenticeship as it would allow him to earn while he learned.

Dan said: “I chose to do an apprenticeship in business and administration at Croydon University Hospital to gain experience and to help me get a step onto the career ladder. I am so pleased I went down this avenue as I am enjoying my apprenticeship thoroughly.”

“I would say I was nervous at the start because I felt I lacked experience, but this was my first ever administration role, so who wouldn’t be nervous? I am not really an academic person, so an apprenticeship seemed like the ideal path for me to take after trying various other jobs.”

“This apprenticeship has allowed me to develop a lot of skills, such as IT, and I’ve gained knowledge of different types of systems and processes as well as a general appreciation for the human resources environment. My confidence has definitely grown and I now have a greater desire to progress in my career.”

“I’m currently in the process of applying to move permanently into the role I am covering when the apprenticeship ends. I really want to develop professionally with more in-house training and experience. Ideally, I would like to move higher within the trust, possibly to management level. However, if I exhaust all routes of progression here, I may move to another hospital or undertake a Level 3 apprenticeship.”

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