Cushman & Wakefield: Harry Nicholas

The Cushman & Wakefield apprenticeship scheme allows you to develop your skills and knowledge within a leading company, says apprentice surveyor Harry Nicholas

“While completing work experience at Cushman & Wakefield, I was introduced to the great opportunities that the company offers to young people who are looking to kick-start their careers, such as the apprenticeship and graduate schemes.”

“The apprenticeship scheme was perfect for me! I was completing my A-levels at the time and was unsure if going to university full-time was what I wanted to do and how I would learn most effectively.”

“The Cushman & Wakefield apprenticeship scheme allows you to develop your skills and knowledge within the industry through working within one of the real estate industry’s leading companies four days per week. One day per week is spent attending university to learn through more theory-based methods.”

“The work you do in the office often helps with your university studies and vice versa, as you are not only listening to a lecturer speak about how to do the various roles of a surveyor, but you are also working alongside fully qualified surveyors when you are in the office.”

“My journey so far at Cushman & Wakefield has consisted of many great learning curves that have helped me to develop as a professional and build my knowledge in the industry. Everyone I have worked alongside within Cushman & Wakefield has always been willing to help me and answer any of the questions I have, proving that the company is keen to invest its time and resources into your development. Compared with graduates, you will benefit from having three years of extra experience working within the company.”

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