DHL: Norris Tobias

Norris Tobias is enjoying life as an engineering apprentice at DHL’s co-pack facility in Coventry

Norris is in his third year as an engineering apprentice and really enjoys what he does.

It’s a diverse role that lets him work with robots in a co-pack environment to help improve their programming so they work more efficiently. He can be involved in everything automation and robotics-related, from testing new robots to resolving issues on the production line.

Norris said: “My favourite part of the job is developing end-of-arm tools. I start by sketching out my ideas and gathering dimensions, before designing them in 3D on a computer using Solidworks software.”

Norris chose to become an apprentice with DHL because the role allowed him to use his existing skills and knowledge about automation and robotics and take it to the next level. Through additional learning with DHL, he’s now doing something very few people get the chance to do.”

He’s got some ambitious plans: “My whole job is completely different to anyone else’s in DHL. I’m currently the only person designing and 3D printing end-of-arm tools for robots in the UK. And I’m aiming to be the lead engineer for automation and integrating robots into the workforce across the group.”

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