Sports apprenticeship academies open in England

The first dedicated sports apprenticeship academies opened across the country last month.

Training provider Mitre Group has set up the sports apprenticeship academies in London, the East Midlands and the West Midlands to bring together apprentices from sports clubs and foundations around the country.

The academies will provide a supportive environment for collaborative learning and the opportunity for students to work alongside their apprentice peers from a wide range of sports organisations.

Away from the training hubs, apprentices have access to the new Mitre Digital Learning Portal that allows 24/7 access to course content through smartphones and tablets to allow flexible studying.

Recognised by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity, the Association for Physical Education and awarding organisation 1st4Sport Qualifications, Mitre’s sports apprenticeship academies specialise in coach education—ideal for community coaches, community activators, multi-sport coaches, and coaches and teachers supporting PE and sport in schools.

Apprentices have direct access to Mitre’s teaching staff who work with world-class football, rugby and cricket clubs, such as Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Jennie Bowmer, managing director of Mitre Group, said of the sports apprenticeship academies when they were launched: “We’re so proud to launch the first sports apprenticeship academies in the UK. These learning hubs will enable our apprentices to share their experiences and learn with peers, regardless of the sport they work in or club they’re affiliated to.”

Every apprentice at the sports apprenticeship academies are invited to kick off their apprenticeship with a unique ‘outdoor adventure’ event at Mount Cook.

This week of activities enables the apprentices to come together and work on a range of problem-solving tasks that build friendships and a team spirit that sets them on the right path for their apprenticeship.

Each academy programme will include guest speakers from across the sports industry, as well as a national governing body qualification to enable them to start assisting coaching sessions in their given sport.

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