If History is among your favourite subjects, then one of these apprenticeships may be for you

Archaeological specialist apprenticeship

Plan, undertake and lead archaeological research and investigations An archaeological specialist plans, undertakes and leads archaeological research and investigations, which...

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Archaeological technician apprenticeship

Support archaeologists undertaking archaeological investigations An archaeological technician provides support to archaeologists undertaking (usually commercially funded) archaeological investigation, which may...

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Archivist and records manager apprenticeship

Ensure the delivery, security and accessibility of records and other materials Records are materials which may be analogue or digital...

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Church minister apprenticeship

Offer leadership to local churches and support in areas such as worship and community action During your church minister apprenticeship,...

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Counter fraud investigator apprenticeship

Lead small non-complex criminal investigations, such as allegations of fraud On the counter fraud investigator apprenticeship, you are responsible for...

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Cultural heritage conservation technician apprenticeship

Ensure the preservation of cultural heritage objects or collections A cultural heritage conservation technician is a specialist practitioner working under...

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Cultural heritage conservator apprenticeship

Protect, preserve and conserve objects or collections of objects In a cultural heritage conservator apprenticeship, you’ll dive into the world of...

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Cultural learning and participation officer apprenticeship

Plan, organise and coordinate artistic and cultural education programmes A cultural learning and participation officer plans, organises and coordinates artistic...

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