If music and drama are among your favourite subjects, then one of these apprenticeships may be for you

Acoustics technician apprenticeship

Carry out noise and vibration surveying and testing Acoustics deals with all types of sound waves in a variety of...

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Arts therapist apprenticeship

Use art, drama or music to carry out therapy interventions Arts therapists work in a range of settings such as...

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Assistant puppet maker apprenticeship

Support the design, manufacture and performance of puppets As an assistant puppet maker you will support the design, manufacture and...

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Assistant recording technician apprenticeship

Produce a high-quality recording in a studio environment During the assistant recording technician apprenticeship you’ll be responsible for ensuring that...

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Broadcast and media systems engineer apprenticeship

Ensure that content is broadcast and delivered on time and to the highest level of quality A broadcast and media...

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Broadcast and media systems technical operator apprenticeship

Support the delivery of broadcast and communication services A broadcast and media systems technical operator supports the delivery of broadcast...

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Camera prep technician apprenticeship

Prepare and maintain camera equipment for any given production or purpose Found within the media rental industry, the main purpose...

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Content creator apprenticeship

Develop written and audio-visual content. Content creators can be found in any business where they need to create content to...

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