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Advertising creative apprenticeship

Develop strategic campaigns, or one-off pieces of communication, that meet a client brief. As an advertising creative apprentice, you will...

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Aviation ground specialist apprenticeship

Supervise the safe arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft An aviation operations specialist can work at a commercial airport, military...

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Cabin crew apprenticeship

Provide excellent customer service to air passengers and ensure their comfort and safety. During a cabin crew apprenticeship, you will...

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Emergency service contact handling apprenticeship

Deal with medical emergency calls An emergency service or NHS integrated urgent care contact handler responds to requests for specialist...

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Hospitality team member apprenticeship

Carry out a range of general and specialist roles within hospitality businesses A hospitality team member can work in a...

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Publishing professional apprenticeship

Support key parts of the publishing process from the conception to production. Publishing professionals play a crucial role at various...

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Teacher for the sensory impaired apprenticeship

Work with young people who have either deafness, vision impairment, or multi-sensory impairment. The teacher for the sensory impaired apprenticeship involves...

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Travel consultant apprenticeship

Make travel arrangements and book accommodation and other services On a travel consultant apprenticeship, you’ll deliver a range of often...

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