If History is among your favourite subjects, then one of these apprenticeships may be for you

Curator apprenticeship

Research, understand, develop and interpret collections, themes or subjects Working at an accredited museum, gallery or an organisation such as...

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Heritage construction specialist apprenticeship

Ensure the maintenance of heritage properties through construction projects.  The heritage construction specialist apprenticeship is about conserving old buildings and...

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Heritage engineering technician apprenticeship

Preserve and restore historic vehicles and machinery The range of heritage sectors you could work in includes veteran, vintage, and...

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Historic environment advice assistant apprenticeship

Provide technical, research and logistical support to historic environment professionals  An advice assistant provides technical, research and logistical support to...

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Historic environment adviser apprenticeship

Provide advice, guidance and assessment to those working on heritage assets As a historic environment adviser, you’ll interact with a...

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Licensed conveyancer apprenticeship

Manage client portfolios and provide conveyancing legal services A licensed conveyancer is a specialist property lawyer who deals with all...

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Museum and gallery technician apprenticeship

Create permanent and temporary exhibitions and displays As a museum and gallery technician apprentice, your role involves creating captivating exhibitions...

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Paralegal apprenticeship

Provide legal support, including admin tasks, carry out research and draft legal documents As a paralegal apprentice, you’ll provide vital...

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