If science is among your favourite subjects, then one of these apprenticeships may be for you

Animal care and welfare assistant apprenticeship

Look after the routine day-to-day care of domestic and/or wild animals Animal care and welfare assistants look after the routine...

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Animal care and welfare manager apprentice

Plan and manage the husbandry needs of domestic or wild animals in your care. As an animal care and welfare...

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Animal technologist apprenticeship

Carry out complex scientific procedures on laboratory animals An animal technologist is responsible for carrying out complex scientific procedures on...

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Animal trainer apprenticeship

Plan, manage, deliver and review the training of animals An animal trainer uses positive, reward-based training methods and practices. This...

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Arboriculturist apprenticeship

Undertake tree inspections and surveys During your arboriculturist apprenticeship you’ll work in arboricultural, utility, facilities management and ground maintenance organisations,...

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Arborist apprenticeship

Plant, cut down and maintain trees The arboricultural industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and...

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Assistant farm manager apprenticeship

Professionally operate and support the management of an agricultural or horticultural business such as a farm As an assistant farm...

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Associate ambulance practitioner apprenticeship

Respond to 999 and urgent calls, and provide emergency care for people as part of an ambulance crew During the...

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