With more than 600 options, you’re spoilt for choice in your search for an apprenticeship

There are more than 600 apprenticeships profiled here. They’re organised by sector to make it easier for you to find which ones may appeal to you, as well as school subject, skill and interest, salary band and level to simplify selection further. Where two apprenticeships appear similar, it’s probably because they’re offered at different levels, with one representing an entry level position and the other designed to train you for management responsibilities.

But how do you identify an apprenticeship that may interest you and warrant further research? How do you match who you are now with what you want to do with the rest of your life? These are important and complicated questions, but they needn’t be difficult to answer.

Academic professional apprenticeship

Work within the higher education sector to deliver teaching and research In the academic professional apprenticeship role, you may work...

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Accounting and taxation professional apprenticeship

Provide financial information and advice to different organisations Accountancy and taxation professionals are recognised around the world as respected leaders...

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Actuary apprenticeship

Use mathematical skills to measure the probability and risk of future events, and their financial impact An actuary engages in...

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Electronic systems principal engineer apprenticeship

Lead on electronic systems projects During the electronic systems principal engineer apprenticeship you’ll lead on electronic systems projects—undertaken in consumer...

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Forensic practitioner apprenticeship

Gather evidence for the police, through forensic sampling, toxicology, documenting injuries and providing a statement A forensic practitioner gathers evidence...

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Human factors specialist apprenticeship

To make systems, products, tasks, jobs, organisations and work environments better for their intended users.  Human factors specialists make systems,...

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Internal audit professional apprenticeship

Provide independent, objective assurance and consulting activity Internal audit professionals are recognised as experts in risk management, internal audit, governance...

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Research scientist apprenticeship

Plan, lead and conduct scientific experiments and analyse the results A research scientist plans, leads and conducts experiments and analyses...

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