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Community energy specialist apprenticeship

Reduce energy usage and purchasing by managing and generating low carbon heat and power ‘Community energy’ refers to people who...

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Community health and wellbeing worker apprenticeship

Work with individuals and their communities to address health and wellbeing needs, improve health, prevent ill health and reduce inequalities...

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Community nurse specialist practitioner apprenticeship

Care for patients with a wide range of health conditions. As a community nurse specialist practitioner apprentice, you’ll provide advanced...

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Control systems engineer apprenticeship

Assuring that manufacturing runs smoothly in areas such as site maintenance.  As a control system engineer apprentice, you could be...

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Control technical support engineer apprenticeship

Ensure that manufacturing runs smoothly in areas such as site maintenance During the control technical support engineer apprenticeship, you’ll work...

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Countryside worker apprenticeship

Carry out specific environmental and conservation tasks Countryside workers are the custodians of our rural outdoor scenery, so you’ll help...

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Crop technician apprenticeship

Optimise crop or plant yields and maintain and improve the surrounding environment During a crop technician apprenticeship, you’ll be responsible...

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Dairy technologist apprenticeship

Develop and produce dairy products An advanced dairy technologist plays a pivotal role in the dairy industry. From a base...

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