Solve real-world problems to make sure every part of the system functions as it should with engineering and electrical apprenticeships

As an engineer, you need to be a creative thinker, a problem solver, a communicator and a team player, constantly changing the world with solutions to improve people’s lives. The world is alive with technology—from washing machines, televisions, computers and central heating boilers, to cars, trains and aircraft—the list of devices and systems that we use and enjoy on a daily basis is almost limitless.

Each and every piece of technology requires a legion of skilled people making sure their part of the system functions as it should—from the plumber mending a broken pipe to the team of electricians wiring up an office block. Engineering and electrical apprenticeships has it all.

The engineering and electrical apprenticeships available in this sector cover a range of industries and professions, many of them are specialist in nature to suit the particular demands of certain roles.

Aerospace software development engineers develop, modify and upgrade the systems that control aircraft, while composites technicians combine materials to form a lighter and stronger rigid structure as an alternative to metal. The electronic product service and installation engineer will install and service a range of domestic and commercial equipment, from washing machines and microwaves, to television and audio equipment.

Engineering operatives carry out a range of operations, ensuring machines and equipment are maintained and serviceable, while ordnance munitions and explosives professionals work with ‘energetic’ hazardous materials such as explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics. There’s also a demand for non-destructive testing engineers, wireless communications riggers and much more.

There is an engineering route for everyone, just consider the type of problems you are interested in solving and take a look at the engineering and electrical apprenticeships featured in this sector.

The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Aerospace engineer apprenticeship

Develop and create aircraft components and equipment During the aerospace engineer apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to comply with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements, and use and interpret engineering data

Aerospace software development engineer apprenticeship

Develop software to support the aerospace industry Aerospace software engineering is highly technical, requiring an apprentice to develop, modify and upgrade the systems that control aircraft. A demonstrable coding ability

Aircraft certifying technician apprenticeship

Maintain and certify a range of civil and military aircraft During the aircraft certifying technician apprenticeship, you’ll develop a comprehensive knowledge of aircraft systems and carry out approved maintenance processes

Asset manager apprenticeship

Manage a company’s physical assets Physical assets are defined as an item, thing or entity that has value to a business or service, such as buildings, bridges, digital hardware, rail

Automatic door installer and service engineer apprenticeship

Prepare and safely carry out work activities in door automation During the automatic door installer and service engineer apprenticeship, you’ll learn to work on a range of powered doors, such

Automation and controls engineering technician apprenticeship

Install and maintain hardware and software for automation systems The automation and controls engineering technician role is found across the automotive, food and drink, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and construction

Aviation maintenance mechanic apprenticeship

Carry out maintenance and ground handling of a range of military and civil aircraft An aviation maintenance mechanic apprenticeship carries out maintenance and ground handling of a range of military

Composites technician apprenticeship

Combine lighter and stronger alternatives to metals Composites manufacture is the combining of materials to form a lighter and stronger rigid structure as an alternative to metal. During the composites

Compressed air and vacuum technician apprenticeship

Install and commission equipment and their associated systems The continuous supply of compressed air is vital to all manufacturing processes and the latest systems and equipment are innovative-engineered products, which

Construction equipment maintenance mechanic apprenticeship

Service, maintain and repair equipment used in the construction and allied industries This occupation provides a vital support service to the country’s infrastructure projects, such as power generation, roads, rails