Vehicles and transport apprenticeships help you choose your best route to keep the country moving

Vehicles and transport play a critical role in our everyday lives, connecting communities and supporting the economy, so everyone working within the supply chain plays a big role. Without this important sector, the country would quite literally come to a standstill.

Vehicles and transport apprenticeships can be divided into the automotive industry (or ‘retail motor industry’) and passenger transport. The retail motor industry deals with all aspects of cars, vans and motorcycles as well as lorries and forklift trucks. It’s a broad area, employing professionals who sell vehicles, fix and service them, fit new parts, and even rescue motorists. The passenger transport sector is equally large, employing hundreds of thousands of people to run, drive, and support transport and travel, from aviation to rail and bus to coach.

Apprenticeship examples include the autocare technician apprenticeship, which will train you in the use of a range of tools, measuring and diagnostic equipment to identify and repair simple system faults. There’s also the option to become a train driver in a number of capacities, such as moving passengers, goods, empty coaching stock or driving on-track machines to perform infrastructure maintenance work.

You could even become a bicycle mechanic. In this role, you could work on an increasing range of bicycles—some with complex technology—making it an exciting area to be in.

To find your perfect vehicles and transport apprenticeship, take a look at the options below.

Accident repair technician apprenticeship

Mend damaged vehicles using a range of metalworking and finishing techniques A motor vehicle accident repair technician repairs all elements...

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Air traffic controller apprenticeship

Direct aircraft, both on the ground and through controlled airspace The UK manages one of the busiest and most complex...

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Autocare technician apprenticeship

Carry out a range of services and repairs to cars, vans and light goods vehicles An autocare technician will work...

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Automotive glazing technician apprenticeship

Repair and replace windscreens on vehicles An automotive glazing technician repairs and replaces windscreens in the full range of automotive...

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Aviation flight operations coordinator apprenticeship

Provide the aircraft with the technical support required both prior to and during the flight. As an aviation flight operations...

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Aviation ground handler apprenticeship

Ensure the efficient and effective arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft During the aviation ground handler apprenticeship you’ll work in...

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Aviation ground operative apprenticeship

Support the safe arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft An aviation ground operative can work at a commercial airport, military...

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Aviation ground specialist apprenticeship

Supervise the safe arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft An aviation operations specialist can work at a commercial airport, military...

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