Public services apprenticeships help make our society a better and safer place place to live

Public services are all about people, businesses and communities, covering education, fire services, police and many more besides. Many people who work in public services want to make a difference and they go home at the end of the week with more than just a pay cheque. They know their work helps other people and makes our society a better and safer place.

Public services apprenticeships in this sector cover a broad range of roles and careers, including teaching, waste management, firefighting, and housing the homeless. In such a large sector, working environments and the skills you need will vary, but there is a broad slant toward helping people, whether it’s learning to read, saving lives or finding someone a place to sleep.

Teachers are in demand for pupils aged 3 to 19 years, and there are also teaching support apprenticeships if you do not want to go for full qualification. Aspiring academics wanting to focus on research can take on the academic professional apprenticeship at a major college or university. This apprenticeship also offers a teaching and learning option, if developing the next generation of undergraduates and postgraduates is more your thing.

On the emergency services front, police constables are in demand. As an apprentice, you’ll train to maintain the peace and uphold the law across complex and diverse communities. There’s also a demand for people in other law enforcement roles, including intelligence analysis, which could see you gathering intelligence and information on tax evasion, passport fraud, people smuggling, organised crime or military deployments.

To find your perfect public services apprenticeship, take a look at the options below.

Academic professional apprenticeship

Work within the higher education sector to deliver teaching and research In the academic professional apprenticeship role, you may work...

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Anti-social behaviour and community safety officer apprenticeship

Investigate reports of anti-social behaviour The main purpose of this job is to investigate reports of anti-social behaviour and community...

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Assessor-coach apprenticeship

Support vocational and professional development The assessor-coach uses their up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development...

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Aviation customer service operative apprenticeship

Ensure the safe, efficient and effective check-in, boarding, departure and arrival of people Working in a range of environments, such...

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Business fire safety adviser apprenticeship

Work with businesses to help them keep their premises safe from fire A business fire safety adviser apprenticeship works with...

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Church minister apprenticeship

Offer leadership to local churches and support in areas such as worship and community action During your church minister apprenticeship,...

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Community safety adviser apprenticeship

Provide advice, guidance and interventions to help people remain safe During the community safety adviser apprenticeship you’ll provide life-improving advice,...

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Counter fraud investigator apprenticeship

Lead small non-complex criminal investigations, such as allegations of fraud On the counter fraud investigator apprenticeship, you are responsible for...

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