It takes more than doctors to keep our frontline health services running efficiently with health and wellbeing apprenticeships

Whether you’re treating patients or conducting research, working in healthcare means you’ll be making a difference to the lives of others. Healthcare is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK, dependent on the experts who provide frontline care in hospitals, homes and surgeries. Without their commitment, dedication and professionalism, many lives would be much worse, and maybe even lost.

The complexity of the task at hand remains constant, from caring for people with physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges, to helping bring a new life into the world, or save another life from ending.

The NHS and other service providers need highly skilled professionals to undertake these and a range of other tasks, at a time when people are living longer and health budgets are being squeezed. Health and wellbeing apprenticeships reflect the need for professionals from the top down, with a particular emphasis on adult and childcare and support, nursingparamedic and ambulance services, and rehabilitation.

Expect no days to be the same as you work to make a positive change to the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable.

There are a range of health and wellbeing apprenticeships on offer in this sector as it takes more than doctors to keep our health services running, you could be dispensing medicines, performing an eye test or working as a dental nurse.

Ambulance support workers are needed to transport individuals to and from specified treatment centres and other locations. Children, young people and families managers are also needed to build teams, manage resources and lead new approaches to working practices that deliver improved outcomes and put the child, young person or family at the centre of social care practice.

In medical settings, there’s still a demand for diagnostic radiographers to provide excellent patient care by obtaining images of high diagnostic quality using a range of high-cost and complex imaging equipment.

To find your perfect health and wellbeing apprenticeship, take a look at the options below.

Adult care worker apprenticeship

Provide frontline care for vulnerable adults To work in care is to make a positive difference to someone’s life when...

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Advanced clinical practitioner apprenticeship

Manage defined episodes of clinical care independently, providing care and treatment An advanced clinical practitioner manages defined episodes of clinical...

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Ambulance support worker apprenticeship

Respond to emergency, urgent or unscheduled calls to provide care and clinical support During the ambulance support worker apprenticeship, you’ll...

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Associate ambulance practitioner apprenticeship

Respond to 999 and urgent calls, and provide emergency care for people as part of an ambulance crew During the...

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Associate continuing healthcare practitioner apprenticeship

Provide packages of ongoing care that are arranged and funded solely by the NHS Associate continuing healthcare practitioners provide care...

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Children, young people and families manager apprenticeship

Help children, young people and families aspire to do their best and achieve sustainable change During the children, young people...

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Children, young people and families practitioner apprenticeship

Work to achieve positive and sustainable change in the lives of the people in their care You’ll work with children,...

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Cleaning hygiene operative apprenticeship

Providing a hygienically clean environment in which users can thrive, work and develop.  As a cleaning hygiene operative apprentice, you’ll...

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