Construction apprenticeships help you plan for a future with a solid foundation

Apprenticeships have long been recognised as valued routes of entry into the world of construction.

Traditional and specialist construction apprenticeships cover a range of occupations and trades, which can earn you great money in the UK. Construction is a multi-billion pound industry that deals with developing the underlying structure of anything, from a new build to the HS2 crossrail project.

No matter where you start your career, if you have the determination and are ready to work hard, there will be plenty of scope to move up the career ladder.

If you enjoy physical work, you could help lay the foundations of a 20-storey building; build scaffolding around a famous landmark due for restoration; plaster the interior of an office building; or maintain a heavy plant.

Those with a flair for organisation could help make sure projects run on time and within budget; liaise with suppliers; or assist a civil engineer with design plans—there are many places to put your creative skills to the test.

Construction apprenticeships come in big and small sizes. Budding architects could lead on the construction of buildings, while trainee floorlayers could learn how to lay carpets, vinyl, linoleum and rubber, or laminate and wood flooring.

With an apprenticeship, you could be working on various sites in your region and beyond—there are also plenty of opportunities to work abroad, as many of the largest construction companies operate around the world.

Whatever profession you decide to pursue, you can count on the fact that your work will be used and admired by people for years to come. And there’s always going to be a need for people to build and develop new structures and properties.

To find your perfect construction apprenticeship, take a look at the options below.

Acoustics technician apprenticeship

Carry out noise and vibration surveying and testing Acoustics deals with all types of sound waves in a variety of...

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Craft carpentry and joinery apprenticeship

Make and install wooden structures, fittings and furniture On the craft carpentry and joinery apprenticeship, you’ll train as an craft...

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Architect apprenticeship

Work on the design of new buildings and the redesign of existing buildings An architect leads the processes of planning,...

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Architectural assistant apprenticeship

Work with architects to design buildings and deliver architectural projects An architectural assistant helps to design buildings and deliver architectural...

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Bricklayer apprenticeship

Lay bricks, blocks and other types of building components in mortar Bricklaying is a core function within construction, particularly house...

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Building control surveyor apprenticeship

Certificate that building work achieves compliance with minimum standards A building control surveyor provides an impartial service certificating that building...

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Building energy management systems controls engineer apprenticeship

Design the systems that control heating, air conditioning and renewables Building energy management systems are implemented in buildings with mechanical,...

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Building services design engineer apprenticeship

Maintain and enhance the quality of the environment and community A building services design engineer will manage a team of...

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