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Science and research and development (R&D) are not only critical to furthering our understanding of the world around us, but to develop tools and techniques that reduce hazards, improve processes and overcome challenges. Being able to more precisely measure meteorological patterns helps us to know exactly when to batten down the hatches as a storm approaches, and developments in laboratory science have radically improved criminal investigative techniques. The food we eat is safer, the drugs we take to combat illness more effective—the list of improvements made thanks to science and R&D is endless.

The work can take place in a wide range of settings, from university departments and industry, government departments and agencies, research institutes funded by charitable trusts or research councils, and in hospitals ranging from work as a junior technician to leading engineers and chief scientists.

The science and R&D apprenticeships listed in this sector are largely applicable across industries where high-tech knowhow and skills are necessary, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, energy and many more.

As a laboratory scientist, you may carry out a range of technical and scientific activities in your specialist discipline. A senior metrology technician, meanwhile, will develop and monitor measurement capability and capacity, working toward gaining responsibility for the planning, quality, accuracy, timely delivery and evaluation of metrology activities within your area of responsibility.

Scientific work also extends to data, with the bioinformatics scientist apprenticeship able to prepare you to use computational, data analytical and data mining techniques that are applied to a range of problems in the life sciences, such as the process of drug discovery and development.

To find your perfect science and R&D apprenticeship, take a look at the options below.

Animal technologist apprenticeship

Carry out complex scientific procedures on laboratory animals An animal technologist is responsible for carrying out complex scientific procedures on...

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Bioinformatics scientist apprenticeship

Apply computing, data analytical and data mining techniques to a range of problems in the life sciences A bioinformatics scientist—or...

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Biomedical scientist apprenticeship

Carry out a range of laboratory and scientific tests to support the diagnosis and treatment of disease As a biomedical scientist...

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Clinical trials specialist apprenticeship

Deliver and execute phase one-to-four clinical trials in humans The clinical trials specialist apprenticeship is found in public or private...

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Dairy technologist apprenticeship

Develop and produce dairy products An advanced dairy technologist plays a pivotal role in the dairy industry. From a base...

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Geoscientist apprenticeship

Guide sustainable development and stewardship of the natural and built environment. As a geoscientist apprentice, you will play a key...

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Healthcare science assistant apprenticeship

Conduct routine technical and scientific procedures The healthcare science assistant support workforce contributes to safe care throughout a patient’s life,...

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Healthcare science associate apprenticeship

Carry out routine technical and scientific procedures A healthcare science associate supports the work of practitioners and clinical scientists in...

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