Make a difference in your community

Public services are all about people, businesses and communities, covering education, fire services, police and many more besides. Many people who work in public services want to make a difference and they go home at the end of the week with more than just a pay cheque. They know their work helps other people and makes our society a better and safer place.

Apprenticeships in this sector cover a broad range of roles and careers, including teaching, waste management, firefighting, and housing the homeless. In such a large sector, working environments and the skills you need will vary, but there is a broad slant toward helping people, whether it’s learning to read, saving lives or finding someone a place to sleep.

Teachers are in demand for pupils aged 3 to 19 years, and there are also teaching support apprenticeships if you do not want to go for full qualification. Aspiring academics wanting to focus on research can take on the academic professional apprenticeship at a major college or university. This apprenticeship also offers a teaching and learning option, if developing the next generation of undergraduates and postgraduates is more your thing.

On the emergency services front, police constables are in demand. As an apprentice, you’ll train in the exercise of wide-ranging powers to maintain the peace and uphold the law across complex and diverse communities. There’s also a demand for people in other law enforcement roles, including intelligence analysis, which could see you gathering intelligence and information on tax evasion, passport fraud, people smuggling, organised crime or military deployments.

The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Academic professional

Work within the higher education sector to deliver teaching and research In the academic professional role, you may work in universities, colleges or the private sector, primarily developing and sharing


Support vocational and professional development The assessor-coach uses their up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development across the formal education and training sector. In this role,

Business fire safety adviser

Work with businesses to help them keep their premises safe from fire A business fire safety adviser works with businesses to help them keep their premises safe from fire by

Church minister

Offer leadership to local churches and support in areas such as worship and community action During your apprenticeship, you’ll become a skilled practitioner in key areas of ministry to support

Community safety adviser

Provide advice, guidance and interventions to help people remain safe A community safety adviser provides life-improving advice, guidance and interventions that support people to remain safe and reduced from risks

Counter fraud investigator

Lead small non-complex criminal investigations, such as allegations of fraud As a counter fraud investigator, you are responsible for investigating allegations of fraud and to make effective decisions from referral

Custody and detention officer

Ensure that individuals in custody and detention centres are held in a highly secure, safe, decent and fair environment As a custody and detention officer apprentice, you’ll operate in a

Early years educator

Play a key role in ensuring that young children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe An early years educator is a highly trained professional who plays

Early years practitioner

Support child-initiated and adult-led activities based around the needs and interests of each individual child As an early years practitioner, you’ll work and interact directly with children from birth to

Employability practitioner

Work with individuals to address and overcome obstacles to help secure suitable and sustainable employment An employability practitioner works with individuals to address and overcome obstacles to help secure suitable

Fire emergency and security systems technician

Design, install and maintain electronic systems to protect businesses, homes and properties A fire, emergency and security systems technician designs, installs, commissions and maintains electronic systems inside and outside simple

Fire safety inspector

Protect people by assessing the level of fire safety in buildings The fire and rescue sector is made up of three elements; prevention, protection and response. The main purpose of

Forensic practitioner

Gather evidence for the police, through forensic sampling, toxicology, documentation of injuries and provision of a statement A forensic practitioner gathers evidence for the police, through forensic sampling, toxicology, documentation


Raise awareness and funds for charitable causes Based within a fundraising team internal to a charitable or not-for-profit organisation, you’ll be responsible for raising funds from a range of sources

HM Forces serviceperson

Carry out a range of roles, from general warfare to humanitarian tasks, in the Army, Royal Navy, RAF or Royal Marines The primary role of a HM Forces serviceperson is

Housing and property management

Create and sustain successful tenancies in the private and social rented housing sectors The housing and property management occupation is customer facing and primarily responsible for the creation and sustainment

Housing and property management assistant

Responsible for admin support for tenancies and leaseholds in both social and private housing sectors The housing and property management assistant apprenticeship will see you undertake an entry-level role. It

Intelligence analyst

Identify patterns and trends to make sense of the information and data Working in the military, law enforcement, security, finance or commerce, an intelligence analyst identifies patterns and trends to

Learning and skills teacher

Teach young people and adults and be responsible for planning and delivering learning that is current, relevant, challenging A learning and skills teacher is ‘dual-professional’, having first become an expert

Military engineering construction technician

Undertake construction tasks in a military environment A royal engineer is a technician and unique member of the Armed Forces, wth the option of selecting a construction-related trade. Your options

Operational firefighter

Work in a wide range of emergency situations As a firefighter, you’ll respond to emergency situations where problem solving and initiative are vital to resolving incidents quickly and calmly, such

Police community support officer

Work as part of the neighbourhood policing team to help deal with and prevent crime The police community support officer role is different from a traditional police officer and so

Police constable

Uphold law and order through the detection, prevention and investigation of crime Being a police constable is a physically and intellectually demanding occupation, requiring high levels of emotional intelligence, strong

Policy officer

Shape and influence government policy The policy officer shapes and/or influences government policy, by working with a range of stakeholders and experts to gather evidence, understand information and present recommendations

Probation officer

Reduce criminal re-offending, safeguard victims and rehabilitate prison service users As an apprentice, you’ll work in the National Probation Service or for community rehabilitation companies or voluntary sector organisations in

Probation services practitioner

Work with offenders to make communities safer The main purpose of the probation services practitioner is to protect the public by reducing re-offending, safeguarding victims and rehabilitating low to medium-risk

Public sector compliance officer

Identify potential acts of criminality and support civil or criminal proceedings A compliance officer operating within the public sector identifies potential acts of criminality and supports civil or criminal proceedings

Public service operational delivery officer

Work in local and central government to ensure the public gets the services and protection they need An operational delivery officer makes sure that citizens get the services and protection

Revenue and welfare benefit practitioner

Perform various roles in local authorities such as benefit assessment, revenues calculation or customer service A revenue and welfare benefit practitioner administers a large section of public finances, at local

Safety, health and environment technician

Advise on statutory health, safety and environmental requirements The safety, health and environment technician apprenticeship will allow you to work in any organisation or industry, in a single location or

School business professional

Administer and manage financial, site and support services within schools A school business professional administers and manages the financial, site and support services within any school phase (primary, secondary or

Security first line manager

Manage people in a security environment The security sector covers a wide range of functions, from the employment of security personnel to those involved in the design and implementation of

Senior housing and property management

Manage housing or property related services The senior housing and property management apprenticeship covers both the social and private housing sectors. As an apprentice, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge

Serious and complex crime investigator

Conduct serious and complex investigations in law enforcement Typically employed by HM Revenue & Customs, the National Crime Agency, police forces, the Ministry of Defence or the Financial Conduct Authority,

Social worker

Protect vulnerable individuals from harm or abuse, and support adults to live independently Social work is an exciting and fulfilling international profession. As a social worker, you’ll work in partnership

Specialist rescue operative

Provide rescue cover to people operating at height and in confined spaces, when they face exceptional hazards The specialist rescue operative role has two main functions: to provide rescue cover


Educate young people to achieve the highest possible standards This apprenticeship is designed to train you to become a teacher of pupils from aged three to 19 years. As a

Teaching assistant

Support the class teacher to enhance pupils’ learning A teaching assistant works in primary, special and secondary education across all age ranges, encompassing special educational needs and emotional vulnerabilities. The