Creative, media and the arts covers everything from film to fashion, music to gaming. In this section, you’ll find apprenticeships to unleash your creativity, embrace your uniqueness, and embark on an adventure that merges your passion with professional growth. 

Creativity takes on many forms and, likewise, the creative industry encompasses a broad array of jobs requiring different practices, talents, and skills. While artists and models may take centre stage, their name wouldn’t make it to the lights without assistants, publicists, technicians, and, uh, lighting. 

These apprenticeships allow you to immerse yourself in the endless possibilities, whether from the perspective of a VFX artist or a costume performance technician. 

Are you highly organised? Dive into the dynamic world of communication as a PR and communications assistant apprentice or harness the power of words, images, and strategic thinking to leave an indelible mark in a marketing manager apprenticeship. 

Delve into history with cultural heritage conservator and archaelogy apprenticeships. Alternatively, embrace the digital age as a content creator apprentice and master the art of engaging online audiences through multimedia storytelling. 

Roles in creative, media, and the arts can be found in every kind of organisation at all levels. Step into the spotlight of possibility, shape your narrative, and let your creativity illuminate the path ahead. 

Audiovision technician apprenticeship

Provide a broad range of professional solutions for communication The audiovisual industry is a growing industry, forecast to be worth...

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Blacksmith apprenticeship

Use craft, art and skill to design, shape and join metal components by hot forging and other metal working processes...

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Bookbinder apprenticeship

Create, maintain, repair and assist in the conservation of books A bookbinder can be employed within the craft, creative and...

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Broadcast and media systems engineer apprenticeship

Ensure that content is broadcast and delivered on time and to the highest level of quality A broadcast and media...

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Broadcast and media systems technical operator apprenticeship

Support the delivery of broadcast and communication services A broadcast and media systems technical operator supports the delivery of broadcast...

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Broadcast and media systems technician apprenticeship

Ensure the reliability and integrity of broadcast and media systems Technicians will typically work for a broadcaster or media services...

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Broadcast production assistant apprenticeship

Provide support and assistance to help with the delivery of content for television or radio shows A broadcast production assistant...

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Camera prep technician apprenticeship

Prepare and maintain camera equipment for any given production or purpose Found within the media rental industry, the main purpose...

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