Become part of this ground-breaking sector and help preserve energy for future generations

Energy is integral to everything we do: from driving our cars to powering our kettles. The energy and utilities sector is essential to the economy, supplying water, power and gas to millions of people’s homes and businesses. The journey that energy takes, from plant to plug socket, requires a complicated and costly infrastructure that must be constantly maintained. It’s also a consumer resource that requires meters to monitor use.

Careers are on offer across the whole range of utilities, including gas, electricity, water and nuclear power. Apprenticeships cover its generation, transmission, distribution and supply, as well as utility-specific roles in processing, management and maintenance, meaning anyone with an interest in utilities and energy can find a job that’s suitable for them.

If you are looking to make a positive difference at a time when the environment and climate change are dominating discussion, employers across the country are on the lookout for the next generation of professionals who can be trained in conservation and efficiency. You’ll need a strong work ethic, as well as excellent communication skills, enjoying practical, hands-on work and a dynamic approach.

The commercial thermal insulation operative, community energy specialist, dual fuel smart meter installer and junior energy manager apprenticeships will all train you to work on reducing carbon emissions and improving management.

This area can also be very scientific, with various nuclear-focused apprenticeships available that underline the importance of the nuclear industry and its need for highly trained engineers and scientists. Nuclear operatives, scientists and engineers are required to ensure that systems and equipment operate safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

If you are ready to join a sector that needs ground-breaking ideas to help preserve energy for future generations, then this is the path for you.

The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Commercial thermal insulation operative

Apply insulation materials and pre-formed cladding for the prevention of heat loss, heat gain, energy efficiency and personnel protection The role of a commercial thermal insulation operative involves the installation

Community energy specialist

Reduce energy usage and purchasing by managing and generating low carbon heat and power ‘Community energy’ refers to people who come together to reduce energy use and purchase, manage and

Dual fuel smart meter installer

Install, exchange and maintain smart meters Dual fuel smart meter installation forms a key part of the government mandate to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy management. As an installer,

Electrical power networks engineer

Maintain and repair assets on the electricity network The electrical power networks engineer apprenticeship covers six engineer roles, specifically: asset management, control, electrical project, and planning and operational delivery. In

Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineer

Carry out a range of engineering work on power protection systems, plant and equipment The protection systems of electrical power plants and their equipment require testing and commissioning to confirm

Gas engineering operative

Install and maintain gas appliances in a domestic or non-domestic setting As an apprentice gas engineering operative, you’ll learn to safely install, commission, decommission and service and repair gas appliances,

Gas network craftperson

Build, maintain and repair parts for the country’s gas network The hazardous nature of natural gas makes the safe operation, control and maintenance of the country’s gas network vital to

Gas network operative

Build, maintain and repair gas network infrastructure The broad purpose of the gas network operative is to construct, maintain and repair gas network infrastructure, to provide a reliable supply/service to

Junior energy manager

Meet sustainability commitments by reducing energy consumption and costs The junior energy manager apprenticeship is designed to help address the need for basic in-house energy management skills at organisations across

Nuclear health physics monitor

Provide radiological monitoring services in the nuclear industry A nuclear health physics monitor protects people, the plant and the environment from the adverse effects of ionising radiation and contamination. Using