2023 round-up: all the new apprenticeships in the Apprenticeship Guide this year

The National Apprenticeship Service approved a fresh lineup of exciting apprenticeships this year. As we near the end of the year, we thought we’d round up the new opportunities in the world of apprenticeships. Whether you’re creatively inclined, technically savvy, or passionate about exceptional service, there’s something for everyone in the mix.  

Let’s dive into the 2023 additions to the Apprenticeship Guide, from A to Z: 


A content creator apprentice creating audio content using a laptop and microphoneContent creator apprenticeship 

Level 3. Good if you like art, drama, English, DT, or ICT at school. 

Perfect for budding wordsmiths, social media addicts, and video wizards. The content creator apprenticeship could be the ticket to a career in digital storytelling and content production. 


A commercial procurement and supply apprentice checks stock in a warehouse in a high-vis vestCommercial procurement and supply apprenticeship 

Level 4. Will work best for those who enjoy their business studies lessons. 

For those with a knack for negotiation and a head for numbers, the commercial procurement and supply apprenticeship opens doors to the world of business procurement and logistics. 


Cabin crew apprentices smile in front of an aircraftCabin crew apprenticeship 

Level 3. Great for people who like travelling and learning languages. 

Dreamed of working in the sky? The cabin crew apprenticeship prepares you for a high-flying career in the airline industry. 


A Surface finisher apprentice spray praints a surface with specialist chemicalsSurface finisher apprenticeship 

Level 3. Good for hands-on individuals with an eye for detail. 

Whether you’re working on boats, vehicles, or aircrafts, the surface finisher apprenticeship might lead you into the world of crafting and perfecting materials. 


A professional security operative apprentice stands at the back of a concert with the word SECURITY visible on their jacketProfessional security operative apprenticeship 

Level 2. Confident, professional individuals only need apply. 

Safety and security are paramount in today’s world. The professional security operative apprenticeship equips you with the skills to keep people and places secure. 


A Mobile transport refrigeration technician apprentice smiles in front of a mobile refigeration vehicleMobile transport refrigeration technician apprenticeship 

Level 3. Good if you liked science or DT at school. 

Be a key part in the supply chain. In the age of refrigerated transport, this apprenticeship will train you to maintain and repair mobile refrigeration units. 


A cellular network field engineer apprentice climbs a ladder to repair a telecomms cableCellular network field engineer apprenticeship 

Level 4. Technologically minded and don’t mind working at height? This might be for you. 

With the advent of 5G, the cellular network field engineer apprenticeship opens doors to a career in keeping our mobile networks running smoothly. 


A judge's hammer and gavel representing the chartered legal executive litigator and advocate apprenticeshipChartered legal executive litigator and advocate apprenticeship 

Level 7. Specialised apprenticeship for those already in the legal sector. 

For legal professionals on their way to the top, this apprenticeship provides a path to becoming a legal expert in litigation and advocacy. 


A junior visual effect (VFX) artist apprentice edits a videoJunior visual effect (VFX) artist or assistant technical director apprenticeship 

Level 4. Great for creative people who love art and design. 

Step into the realm of movie magic with the junior VFX artist apprenticeship, ideal for those with a creative and technical flair. 


A craft bricklayer apprentice lays bricks against a blue sky backdropCraft bricklayer apprenticeship 

Level 3. A hands-on way to learn a beautiful and highly technical craft. 

If you’ve got a passion for construction and craftsmanship, the craft bricklayer apprenticeship is the perfect foundation for a hands-on career in the building industry. 


A governance officer apprentice stamps a legal documentGovernance officer apprenticeship 

Level 4. Good for business-minded individuals. 

The governance officer apprenticeship is tailor-made for those interested in the inner workings of organisations and their governance structures. 


A digital learning designer apprentice delivers a presentation onlineDigital learning designer apprenticeship 

Level 5. Good if you like ICT and are interested in a challenging education role. 

With education and technology converging, the digital learning designer apprenticeship prepares you for a role at the forefront of online education. 


A barbering professional apprentice cuts a client's hairBarbering professional apprenticeship 

Level 2. Great for creative, hands-on people with a customer focus. 

For those with a flair for style and grooming, the barbering professional apprenticeship paves the way to a career in the world of men’s grooming. 


A group of human factors specialist apprentices stand near a whiteboard and plan a meetingHuman factors specialist apprenticeship 

Level 7. A specialised role for critical thinkers. 

With a focus on preventing and managing human-related risks, the human factors specialist apprenticeship offers a unique path to a multidisciplinary career. 


A digital product manager apprentice sits at a desktop computer in a bright officeDigital product manager apprenticeship 

Level 4. Good for those who enjoy ICT, business, or English. 

Tech enthusiasts can explore the digital product manager apprenticeship to learn how to bring digital products to life and manage their lifecycle. 


An emergency and resilience professional apprentice checks the structural integrity of a doorResilience and emergencies professional apprenticeship 

Level 6. Best for people who enjoyed geography, maths, and sciences at school. 

In a world of uncertainties, the resilience and emergencies professional apprenticeship equips you to respond effectively to crises and emergencies. 


A young learning and skills assessor apprentice stands with a clipboard in front of a whiteboardLearning and skills assessor apprenticeship 

Level 3. Great for people interested in education. 

For those who are passionate about education and training, the learning and skills assessor apprenticeship helps you support others on their learning journey. 


Service designers crowd near a computerService designer apprenticeship 

Level 6. Best for analytical people who like ICT and psychology. 

With a focus on user-centered design, the service designer apprenticeship is perfect for creative problem solvers who want to shape the future of services. 


These new apprenticeships offer a wide range of exciting opportunities across various industries. There’s no better time to embark on your apprenticeship journey. The future is yours to shape, so pick the path that excites you the most and get ready to learn, grow, and succeed in 2023! 

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