Make it better and move it faster in the supply chain

Almost every object has been manufactured in some way, either in a large factory or a small workshop, helping supply other industries with the materials needed to do their job.

Manufacturing, processing and logistics deals with products, from their creation to their delivery. The sector is responsible for almost every good in some way, be it the bricks and concrete used in construction, the food stocked in supermarkets, or the drugs used to treat patients.

Manufacturing and processing apprenticeships create parts or products from raw materials and other inputs, with a focus on textiles, food, furniture, glass, metals and printing, among others, and offer the opportunity to train in different roles, from operating huge machines in a factory to working with hand tools in a small workshop. While logistics transports and stores goods as they move through the supply chain, with a range of functions, such as inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport, and customer service.

Among the apprenticeships on offer in this sector is the brewer role, which encompasses different tasks and responsibilities depending on the employer, which range from large-scale producers to micro-breweries. Alternatively, you could become a manufacturing engineer and support the activities involved in bringing design programmes into manufacture. This role is pivotal to the launch planning and smooth delivery of exciting new products or product refresh programmes.

There is also the food and drink advanced engineer degree apprenticeship, which will train you to deliver efficient, effective and high performance food and drink production processes and systems, as well as the international freight forwarding specialist apprenticeship, an administrative role in which you’ll ensure that the company you work for and its clients remain compliant with all applicable customs, import and export laws and regulations.

The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Bespoke furniture maker

Produce and assemble bespoke pieces of furniture to meet individual customers’ requirements As an apprentice bespoke furniture maker, you’ll interact with a range of people including designers, production/manufacturing managers, quality

Bespoke tailor/cutter

Produce tailored clothing that is cut and made to a unique pattern for an individual A bespoke tailor or cutter produces tailored garments that are cut and made to a


Make beer either at specific stages of production or in its entirety, from ingredients intake to final packaging The brewer is a diverse role that encompasses different tasks and responsibilities

Express delivery manager

Locate and deliver goods to specific locations The rapid growth of internet-generated sales has created demand for a new breed of logistics professional, with the skills needed to locate and

Express delivery operative

Transport and deliver a range of goods Using equipment and software to provide timed deliveries and collections to homes and businesses, postal workers, couriers and express delivery drivers have a

Fashion and textiles pattern cutter

Interpret a product design brief and draft patterns that reflect the design and technical specifications The role of a pattern cutter involves interpreting a product design brief and drafting patterns

Fashion and textiles product technologist

Oversee the product development cycle at sewn product manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, brands and retailers A fashion and textiles product technologist works at sewn product manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, brands and retailers,

Fitted furniture design technician

Create initial ideas, design concepts and plans for fitted furniture interiors and create technical drawings As a fitted furniture design technician, you will work with customers to create their perfect

Food and drink advanced engineer

Deliver efficient, effective and high performance food and drink production processes and systems Combining engineering competence with an understanding of the principles of food safety, science and technology, your focus

Food and drink advanced process operator

Supervise work on food and drink production lines within food manufacturing plants and businesses A food and drink advanced process operator helps to make millions of food and drink products,