Keeping businesses secure, productive and at the forefront of the economy

Careers in business and administration are probably the most identifiable and common to consider, but it isn’t all about dealing with the paperwork. From accounting and finance to project management and marketing, a career in business and administration is ideal for exploring all facets of the workplace.

Administration is a popular one, with many entry level opportunities available. Administrators do a bit of everything: they deal with internal and external correspondence; type up letters, agendas and reports; send emails; answer phone calls, and much more. It’s no wonder that many executive members of staff rely on the assistance of administrators to do their jobs.

It doesn’t stop there though. From recruitment to law, apprenticeships are available to train the legion of skilled workers needed to keep UK businesses secure, productive and at the forefront of the economy.

If you fancy entering the legal world, you could train to become a solicitor or a chartered legal executive, and there are also opportunities available in conveyancing, human resources, project management and much more.

As a business-to-business sales professional, meanwhile, you could take the lead on long term, complex commercial projects, while budding CEOs who want to lead Fortune 500 companies could take up the senior leader apprenticeship.

Of course, most jobs in this sector are office-based with a typical 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday working week, but ‘flexible working’ means that this isn’t the case at every employer, and remote working is fast becoming the norm for many businesses. 

If you’ve got aspirations in leadership and management and want to get started in the workplace as soon as possible, a business apprenticeship could be the right route for you.


The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Associate project manager

Manage project work and teams for businesses and other organisations Every project, large or small, needs to be managed to ensure its success. As an apprentice, you’ll develop into a

Bid and proposal coordinator

Bring together compelling, customer-focused proposals and tender submissions to win business A bid and proposal professional is integral to how businesses win work. As a key part of the sales

Business administrator

Support and improve administrative services within an organisation Business administrator are employed across all sectors and small and large organisations alike. You’ll work independently or as part of a team

Business-to-business sales professional

Deliver commercial benefit to a number of customers or a complex, high-value account Business-to-business sales is multi-faceted. It involves leading on long-term, complex propositions, such as multiple pricing options or

Career development professional

Assist individuals and organisations with career strategies A career development professional assists individuals and organisations with the development of long- and short-term career strategies at times of significant transition, such

Chartered legal executive

Provide legal services to clients and colleagues Providing legal services to internal and external clients, the chartered legal executive apprenticeship will equip you with the skills and experience to take

Chartered manager

Manage people, projects, operations or services The chartered manager apprenticeship is designed to develop you into a professional who can take responsibility for people, projects, operations and services. The ‘chartered’

Coaching professional

Provide skills coaching to individuals and teams There has been a growing demand for the professionalisation of coaching to include one-to-one coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching and for coaching skills

Conveyancing technician

Support the transfer of ownership of land or property Conveyancing technicians work under a licensed conveyancer, solicitor or fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives to support fee-earning activities.

Event assistant

Help planners and project managers to organise and host events Events cover a broad range of activities as well as sizes, from small numbers of attendees through to thousands. They