Time to get connected in the fast-growing digital tech sector

Technology is fast becoming the biggest career opportunity for young people and the digital sector in the UK is growing and highly respected throughout the world. Careers can cover many areas, helping to keep modern businesses running efficiently and profitably. Trained digital professionals ensure that devices and systems run smoothly, are protected from cyber threats, and can be utilised to connect users and businesses.

At a time when companies such as Amazon and Apple are being valued at $1 trillion, and everyone has access to the web through their smartphones and other devices, there is an increased need for highly trained professionals to ensure that devices and systems run smoothly, are protected from cyber threats, and can be utilised to connect users and businesses.

There are apprenticeships that cover the creation, implementation and use of hardware and software, giving you an array of choices if you want to focus on a career in this important sector. If you’re confident with computers and know your firewalls from your algorithms, there are various technician apprenticeships available to develop your skills. Or those with a creative streak can train in software coding and testing, to create video games, mobile apps and so much more. This sector also covers apprenticeships in cyber security, as organisations in the public and private spheres become high-value targets for savvy criminals. 

There are also opportunities for data enthusiasts, who are required to find information in diverse datasets to address complex problems and improve organisational processes, while the next generation of digital marketers are needed to power the growing online marketing space.

It’s worth remembering that different regions are in fierce competition with London to secure the best and brightest talent, so don’t be surprised if offers are extremely competitive in this exciting area.

The Apprenticeship Guide sector head

Artificial intelligence data specialist

Champion AI and its applications within your organisation In this role, you’ll discover and devise new data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to automate and optimise business processes and to support,

Business analyst

Work with organisations to improve their information systems Business analysts exist in almost every sector, it’s a fast paced and collaborative role, as you aim to understand the needs of

Creative digital design professional

Provide compelling digitally enabled design solutions for clients As a confident design professional you’ll be responsible for providing compelling digitally enabled design solutions to internal or external clients, across a

Cyber security technical professional

Research, analyse, model, assess and manage cyber security risks A cyber security technical professional operates across a range of sectors, including critical national infrastructure such as energy, transport, water and

Cyber security technician

Monitor and detect potential security threats to an organisation A cyber security technician is the first line of cyber security support. This requires individuals to monitor and detect potential security

Cyber security technologist

Apply an understanding of cyber security to protect from attacks and unauthorised access Fighting cyber security threats is a multi-million-pound industry, and one that continues to grow as threats from

Data analyst

Collect, organise and study data to provide business insight A data analyst manages, cleanses, abstracts and aggregates data, then conducts a range of analytical studies on that data. Your projects

Data scientist

Find information in diverse datasets to address complex problems Data science is a broad and fast-moving field spanning maths and statistics, software engineering and communications. As a data scientist, you’ll

Data technician

Source, format and present data securely and in a relevant way for analysis Data technicians can be found in all sectors and your main purpose will be to source, format

DevOps engineer

Design, build, test, implement, release and software products A DevOps engineer enables organisations to get valuable working software to active users, both external and internal, frequently and safely, reducing time